As the founder of GiRLiFE, I am committed to breaking the bias that women and girls can only choose certain careers if they want to be able to afford the life of their dreams. The standard for too many years has been that we need to do work that pays us well, it doesn’t matter if we’re passionate about it or not, it just matters that we’re earning a good income. I am committed to flipping that notion on it’s head and sharing that when we really lean in to the things that we love the most, that add value to our community, we can actually earn for that good work and change the way our next generation views work. We at GiRLiFE call this “heart work” as it is not necessarily work that you do that is hard, but rather work that comes from the heart, a soul centered place.

I believe that we really need to rethink the way we are raising our girls and the mindset we are instilling in them when it comes to finances. Are we raising them with an abundance mindset where they know there’s no boundaries to what they can earn or the life they can create for themselves? Or are we presenting them with a one-way street in which we teach them that there is only one path they must pursue if they want to be able to afford their life. At GiRLiFE we want to change the way girls are raised regarding the messaging they receive surrounding money and careers. We strive to teach them that when they genuinely lean into the direction of their passions they are actually able to create the most abundance from that space.

For this very reason it was incredibly important for me to create a business that would help women create their own businesses. Early on in life I felt like something was missing, I was just going through the motions in my career and when it came to doing the work I was passionate about I never accepted payment for it. So when I finally broke free from my old career and focused on creating an entrepreneurial endeavor that I could pour my heart into I never looked back. I found that my earnings were a direct result of my service and impact in the world and thought “if I can do it why can’t I teach others to do it as well?” So the GiRLiFE program was born out of this very idea of breaking the bias that women are tied to and pigeon-holed in to certain careers, of giving this gift to other women so that they could wake up each morning with a mission on their heart that they felt so deeply connected to and knew that they too could be so financially abundant because they’ve agreed to join us in educating our girls and breaking down these walls.

GiRLiFE programs and curriculum focus on that abundance mentality, to impress upon our girls that passionate female entrepreneurs will indeed change the world. To help accomplish this amazing revolution at GiRLiFE we teach women how to run their own profitable girl empowerment businesses and to use their platform as a facilitator, once they’re certified, to go out in their communities and serve in unique ways. As facilitators we truly get to see this mindset in action, women monetizing this heart work in exceptional ways. And when we speak about the future in our workshops girls often say that they want to do what we do, they want to run workshops and help young girls learn about their “superpowers”. What a wonderful testament to our work.

By committing to breaking this bias, my hope for the next generation of women is that they are so creative and curious that they are only limited by their imagination. I want women everywhere to be doing things that light them up and know that they can share the work they value most with the world and be rewarded for their efforts. Our next generation of girls is watching us and they see us sharing what we know to be true, empowering girls and earning money for the good work that we do. I believe that as women when we step into that light we are giving permission to every young girl to also do that for herself and to know beyond the shadow of a doubt that she can create a career and a life that is really centered on her own desires and passions.