Why are so many teachers stepping away from the traditional educational system and moving into a career as a GiRLiFE Coach?

There are many reasons and we are going to break them all down for you.

Flexible Schedule

After teachers around the world experienced the pandemic and witnessed that teaching remotely was not only a possibility but in many cases an opportunity, they found themselves craving the ability to teach on a schedule that fits their unique lifestyle, their schedule and their familial responsibilities. After having had a taste of what it feels like to have that flexibility in their work week, it became harder to return to the rush of the school day for many consisting of a long commute to and from work and the inflexibility to work on their own timeline. Working as a GiRLiFE Coach, women have the freedom to run their work day rather than having their work day run their lives. They get to choose if they will run in person workshops or remote virtual workshops from the comfort of their own laptops. An added perk is that this gifts them the luxury of being completely location independent.

Teaching Emotional Intelligence

Many teachers have opted to become girls empowerment coaches because they want to teach girls about the life skills that will truly guide them in their lives in all the ways that matter. To the detriment of our girls, emotional intelligence is NOT taught in schools. Educators are craving a feeling of alignment with the material they teach day in and day out. They welcome the opportunity to introduce girls to principles that will support them to live a life of ease and grace, on their own terms. Creating connection, practicing gratitude, accessing their unique superpowers….these are the skills that leave a lasting impact on the way that a girl moves through her one precious life.

Financial Freedom

As a girls empowerment coach in our program, women are essentially stepping into an entrepreneurial role and as entrepreneurs there’s no cap to how much income they can earn. Students of The GiRLiFE Academy are guided to get creative in their empowerment business and consistently seek fresh ways to serve their local girls at scale and earn abundantly for their incredibly impactful work. Knowing that their month to month financials are in their own hands and that their capacity to earn is in direct proportion to how they show up and serve is a very liberating feeling!

Job Burnout

Researchers polled more than 4,600 kindergarten -12th grade teachers across the state in 2022 – The findings show that while many teachers find their work rewarding, a majority said they felt exhausted and stressed — with burnout cited as the top reason for leaving the profession. The long hours associated with teaching, not to mention the after hours planning and grading has taken quite a toll on our educators. As girls empowerment coaches, women have the ability to earn the same, if not more than what they earn in their 9-5 teaching jobs while working a small fraction of the hours. With almost all of the “planning” done for you, our curriculum leaves little need to reinvent the wheel and create your own workshops. As a GiRLiFE Coach, the women who complete our program can plug and play our content and curriculum into their own local workshops.

Empowering the Future of Females through Coaching

Stepping out of traditional teaching and into a creative empowerment business provides so many perks that encourage educators to step into their ability to serve and earn on their own terms, in their own unique way. If you are ready to start your career as a Girls Empowerment Coach, check out our GiRLiFE Academy and apply to become a coach today.