One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves as mothers is a sense of feeling like we are empowering our girls. Mom guilt is a real thing, and there is no manual handed to us when we have our babies. I used to think I just wanted my girls to be happy. My twin girls will be 16 by the end of this month and it has been such a journey. Now I say, I want them to step into their peace, to step into their power. It has always been my mission to introduce women and girls alike to their superpowers. 

After I published my second book, Empowered Women Empower Girls, so many women came to me asking for more. More tools and ways to further empower their daughters so that they can grow and thrive in the way we all know they are able. That is what led my heart to create The Empowered Girl Mom Coaching Program, a pre-recorded program so you can access all of the tools you need. 

When I found out that I was having my twins I was over-the-moon excited, but I also had a lot of fear and anxiety about how I would lead them to be who they are meant to be. Looking back on that journey and connecting with so many women and girls over the years, led me to create this program especially for the girl moms. 

I will walk you through how to teach your girls to look inward to find who they are, instead of looking outward, with my six phase approach.

Unlearn Phase

First we will explore the ways we have been conditioned by culture and society to be women and mothers. We have to recognize and unlearn so many of the things that we were taught about motherhood. We need to acknowledge the traits that we want to extract and carry on for our next generation and those that we do not want to pass on. We will examine those together in order to unlearn and step into our most empowered version of ourselves as a girl mom.

Reflect Phase

Next we will reflect on our own experience of being mothered and our experiences as a daughter. Through non-judgmental observation we are going to notice the ways that we were raised, identify the messages that we heard, and shift our perspective. This phase is for recollection and forgiveness for what we have experienced in our own journey, and a chance to decide what we no longer want to take with us.

Reimagine Phase

We’ll reimagine what it looks like for us to be that empowered girl mom that we’re committed to becoming. I will help you to reimagine your mothering journey, this journey is fluid and as we evolve as mothers our girls will also evolve. We will learn to step into our most authentic self every day of our lives so we can bring this unique knowledge to our girls. 

Embody Phase

Once you’ve gotten all this great new information, I’ll teach you how to walk your talk! To embody the new ideas, messages, and principles that we learn about in the program. 

Empower Phase

We’ll talk about all of the empowerment tools that live within each and every one of us and how we pass them on to our girls. The greatest gift we can give them is access to our own empowerment. If we plant these seeds of empowerment for them today they will build on them throughout their entire lives.

Ignite Phase

We’ll take everything that we learn, pour some fuel on it, and learn how to really access our own power, grow with it, move through it, and not second guess ourselves. There is always room for all of us to grow!

Core Ideas

Throughout the phases you’ll see some common themes, the core ideas that empowered parenting is deeply rooted in. We’ll discuss trusting your intuition and how we must look within ourselves to our own intuition to inform our next decision as a mom. I will teach you how to flex that intuition muscle in your parenting journey, to lean into that intuitive parenting.

I will also teach you how to release perfection paralysis as a mother. As a mom we wear all the hats–we have all of the responsibilities and obligations and often feel convinced that it needs to be perfect. We are not always going to be perfect mothers, instead I will help you figure out how to grow from every experience and extract the good stuff. To be resilient as a mother and evolve.

Finally, I’m going to talk about how to navigate the unexpected. If these past couple of years have taught us anything, it’s that no matter what we think is ahead of us, we really have no clue. We never know what’s around the corner, there will always be surprises and your daughters are your best teachers.

Join Me 

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Once you sign up for the program each week a new phase will be unlocked, plus a conclusion summary. Each week there is an audio journal from me, a reflection exercise, journaling prompts, and a workbook. This program is yours for a lifetime and, as with all my programs, any updates or additions I ever make to the program are yours for free.

My hope is that you can give yourself the gift of feeling empowered as a mother, while empowering your girl! Join us in the program today: