Having a business that hosts workshops is a great way to have a flexible schedule while impacting lots of people at once. That’s why I started GiRLiFE, as a way to impact the girls in my community, helping to raise their self-esteem and confidence. Now I certify other women to host GiRLiFE workshops in their own communities and make a living out of it. 

The average American spends 2,080 hours per year working, so you need to create a life and a business that utilizes your time in ways that feel impactful and fulfilling. For me I took my passion for girl empowerment and I turned it into a viable business that feeds me on all levels–professionally, personally and financially. If it’s possible for me it’s possible for you to create an abundant living doing something that adds value to the planet and really nourishes you on a soul level. Let me show you six ways I’ve learned to make money hosting workshops.

Find Your Why

First and foremost you must decide on a subject matter that you are passionate about. We’ve all heard the quote, “choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”- Confucius. It’s true, if you connect to your ‘why’ and find something that you can pour your heart into, it won’t feel like work. I created GiRLiFE because it was so very important to me to wake up each morning with excitement about what I GET to do each day. My wish is that for every woman who is earning money to be doing something that fuels her, that ignites her, that gets her juices flowing. The freedom that comes from being able to take something that you love and turn it into a living. What do you love to do? What makes you feel like you’re in that heart-centered space where time just stops and you’re really in the flow? I want to share that you can monetize those gifts, you can turn your passion into an abundant living where you’re earning for the things that really make you excited. I want to support women to create a life that makes them want to jump out of bed!

Create A Series

The last thing you want to do is to create a one-and-done. Instead, produce a series that builds on the one before it so that you essentially create a repeat customer. The GiRLiFE program includes seventeen workshops to disperse to your local girls, some of my favorites are: Becoming my own BFF, Discovering my Unique Superpowers, Meditation, My Diversity Shines, and Intuition and Finding Your Voice.  As time goes on I develop more workshops to give my facilitators value and stay current–workshops that move me, that are relevant to the climate we live in and address situations we are seeing in our world. 

Generate Scalable Revenue

Create a package that enrolls participants for a longer period of time than just one workshop. 

Schedule out your workshop series and offer a bulk discount or some value-added bonus for paying upfront for multiple workshops. During our facilitator training we show you how to generate consistent scalable revenue. We teach you how many workshops to run to earn a certain figure and reach your goals.  Michelle, a facilitator in Westchester says, “It’s so easy, you just go onto the online platform and it’s all there for you. Everything from the crafts to the ice breakers to the topic of the workshop, it’s all there.  As far as the investment goes, I have recouped all of my money already after charging for just one series. That for me is a game changer.”

Don’t Overspend

It’s easy to get excited about making sure that every workshop participant has a magical experience – but don’t go overboard buying color manuals, printed promotional materials like pens and nametags, or fancy coffee and scones. Keep your expenses below 30% of your intake. One of the best things about GiRLiFE is the value of the program, every update we ever make to the program is yours. Even bonuses that we offer during our enrollment period, as a facilitator, are yours for free. Once you join us at the price point you sign up under, you do not have to pay any renewal fees. You get access to our program for LIFE along with every support system we have and update that we make. Once you are part of the GiRLiFE family, you are part of the girlife family forever. 

Get Testimonials

Don’t let your participants leave without giving you testimonials. Social proof is everything.  One of our facilitators, Christy Sprotte, said this about her workshop experience, “After my first workshop, half of the parents reached out to me just to tell me that this is what their girls need right now. They need to have their feelings honored and to understand that they have a safe place where they can share how they’re feeling and feel supported by other like-minded girls.” Testimonials are gold. Everyone wants proof from a firsthand perspective that they are making a good choice. Use testimonials on social media, blogs and anywhere else you can to reinforce the validity of your program.

Stay Connected

Do your best to create lasting relationships with each participant. They talk, they tell. Let them advocate for you, but in order to do that, you have to stay top of mind. Email them, DM them, stay in their ecosystem on social media. With GiRLiFE our relationship building is multifaceted. We must continue to foster our relationships with the girls we are teaching, but also the adults in their lives so they can see the value in our programming.

If you’ve been curious about having a business that hosts workshops, consider becoming a GiRLiFE facilitator. You can earn so much more than you think you can by doing something that’s truly heart-centered. For more information about our GiRLiFE certification program and the GiRLiFE Academy go to melodypourmoradi.com.