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How would it feel to have confidence that you're providing the most empowering environment for your daughters to grow in?

There’s a lot of uncertainty about how to we can confidently raise our daughters in the age of social media, FOMO and academic pressures.

When we layer on the uncertainty that the covid pandemic has added, sometimes it's hard to trust that we are doing right by our daughters.

The challenges are so different than they were even 5 years ago.

It's essential for parents to learn how to lead our daughters in this brand new environment and give them the tools they need to peacefully move through their lives.

The Empowered Girl Mom program will teach you how to flex your intuitive muscles and lean into a mindful parenting experience that feels aligned to your values.

What's included in The Empowered Girl Mom Program?

6 Weeks of Programming Sent on a Week-to-Week Basis

Each week we're going to unpack different ways that we can really show up as the most empowered girl mom on the block. We're going to explore a variety of strategies to ensure that the work you're doing with your daughters is aligned with the values that you want to raise them with.

Week 1 - Unlearn Phase

This week, we will explore the ways that we've been conditioned by culture and society to be women/mothers.

First we must recognize the behaviors, patterns, fears, and doubts, that exist... then we can transform them - unlearn them - and step into the most empowered version of ourselves as women and as a mothers.

Week 2 - Reflect Phase

We will look back at our own experience of being mothered, and our experience as a daughter. Through nonjudgmental observation, we’ll notice how the ways that we were raised, and the messages that we heard, created the woman who exists right now.

We will create the space to be able transform as mothers; to leave the parts that we no longer wish to adopt from the way we were raised, and to take the parts that we do want to implement with our own families and our own children and our own daughters.

Week 3 - Reimagine Phase

In each and every moment we've got this big, beautiful, bold opportunity to reimagine what our mothering journey looks like, because our power is always in the present moment.

We will become the role model we wish that we had had, and step into the highest version of ourselves as a woman and as a mother to commit to our growth, our evolution, and knowing that when we do that, that's the gift that we give to our daughter.

Week 4 - Embody Phase

What is your greatest wish for your daughter?

Whether it’s positive self-talk, healthy relationships, raising up other women/humans, chasing their biggest dreams…

We will work towards embodying those things, those traits, in our own life - a necessary step before we have the possibility of presenting our daughters with the opportunity to also show up in that way.

Week 5 - Empower Phase

Your greatest power source already lies within you.

We will focus on really owning our own superpowers this week. Through self-love, gratitude, and mindfulness, you’ll discover the tools that live inside of you and how to access them any- and everytime you need them.

Week 6 - Ignite Phase

We will take everything that we’ve learned and pour some fuel on it this week.

You’re about to be the most empowered mom on the block as you embrace intuitive parenting, and confidently pave your own path as a mother without worrying about what others are doing.

This is the week we pull all the pieces together, and really rock the motherhood game!

PLUS - You'll Receive A Printable Workbook & All Updates Made To The Program In The Future!

It’s a divine gift to know a woman like Melody. She is a woman who is a shining inspiration of love, change, and possibility. You automatically feel an angelic peacefulness in her presence as she fills your hearts with her purity, wisdom and passion. She has an incredible talent for researching and bringing together the most inspiring content from world leaders and applying her creative genius to deliver the most heart-rich, masterfully designed workshops to connect young girls to their bravest, boldest, and most beautiful selves from the inside out. The world needs more of her!

Tia Komitas: Adventures of the Self-Expressed Girl, Toronto, ON Canada

Meet Melody

With 20 years of experience in the coaching and personal growth space, Melody Pourmoradi is passionate about empowering women and girls across the globe. She has dedicated the last eight years of her life to her heart-centered business, GiRLiFE. In this passion led endeavor, she runs girls empowerment workshops and trains women worldwide to create profitable businesses centered around introducing young girls to their many superpowers.

As an empowerment coach, Melody has supported thousands of women to live out their life purpose, to create careers that they love and to cultivate a life that lights them up from the inside out. Throughout her coaching journey, she has supported mothers and mothers-to-be to nurture relationships and families that are aligned with their values and belief systems.

Melody is an award winning author and has written two books. Her children’s book XOXO from a girl who gets it: Life notes for the young girl within teaches girls how to live a peaceful and happy life. In her newest book, Empowered Women Empower Girls: A Guide To Modeling Courage, Confidence + Self-Love For Our Next Generation, she teaches women that’s the clearest path to raising empowered girls is by first looking in the mirror and doing the inner work necessary to nourish themselves first and foremost.

Melody’s Podcast is called “Empowering Her” and strives to bring education and awareness to women looking to elevate into the highest version of themselves. As an early voice in the female empowerment movement, she has been featured in publications such as Forbes, The Today Show, Bella Magazine, The Huffington Post, Thrive Global and many others.

Melody holds multiple professional coaching certifications from the ICF accredited Institute for Professional Empowerment Coaching {IPEC}. She is an integrative nutrition coach certified at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Empowerment is an essential tool for our daughters. Period. As a girl mom I have firsthand experience with Melody’s work as my daughter attended her workshops. After the workshops, my daughter came home feeling emotionally stronger, pensive and more confident. I myself have truly enjoyed working with and learning from Melody. She has such a passion for what she does. I am truly grateful to her for bringing to light what our girls need and starting the journey to Empowerment for them!

Shervin C.

Empowered Girl Mom

Core Messages:

Embrace Intuitive Parenting

It's important to release the disapproving voices of well meaning friends and family who tell how us how we "should" raise our kids. Instead we will explore how we can parent in our own way without comparing our journey.

Release Perfection Paralysis

When we are focused on making it look like we have it together, we can unintentionally overlook what's best for our children. Everything doesn’t need to look perfect on the outside.

Lead By Example

We need to get really hyper-focused on the language we are using, while remembering that children will do what you do, (not necessarily what you say). Which is why we need to stop lecturing and start modeling.

Navigate The Unexpected

If we learned anything over the past few years, it's to expect the unexpected. With the Empowered Girl Mom program you'll receive support through anything life throws at you.

Girl Moms Have Spoken...

What Melody is doing for young girls is amazing. She has helped me to help my daughter and we still have more to learn and practice to build up that girl power. Melody, I admire your work so much! I feel blessed to have met you. It’s tricky being a parent and even harder being a young girl. You’re making a difference in this world. Thank you!

Julia Segersten

Melody has filled a void that has existed for years! I can honestly say that our society today would be much better off if we had this program as young children. We all want our children to be strong, caring, kind, respectful, confident and live a healthy lifestyle. Yet we, as adults may have difficulty finding the balance of all of these in our own lives, so instilling these values in our children can be tricky. Melody has found a way for our girls to understand the importance of all these values, and even more importantly, has empowered them to implement them all into their daily lives. As a mother, I couldn't ask for anything more.

Joanna Esh

Melody's approach to teaching is through love, kindness and compassion for all girls individually. I am grateful that my daughter had been exposed to this work at such an early age and look forward to many more tools from Melody. 

Adina Ostad

My daughters, age 9 and 7, have benefited so much from these tools that they still use their gratitude jars and their meditation pillows. The fact that they ask me when they can do these activities again makes me extremely happy because at this age, they are like sponges- absorbing everything they watch and learn. And what they are learning from Melody is priceless!

Shadi Ohebshalom

We were excited to expose our daughter to the tools she will use for the rest of her life to guide and support her through life's trials and tribulations. Melody is the very definition of calm, patient, sweet & knowledgeable which translates into a Girl Power program that is the gift you keep on giving to your child. We highly recommend you give it a try!! You won't regret it!

Sara Kane

I’m so grateful for Melody! She was able to give my daughter the tools she needed to look within herself to overcome whatever fears and anxieties that were encroaching upon her. There were both intellectual and physical tools which help her reach for it again and again when she needs it. My daughter is a born leader with a natural ability to make friends. She was an overall great kid. Now at 9, Melody has helped her address those small fragments of herself that were holding her back and helped her work on herself in revealing the wonderful person she already was.

Talin Sarraf

Guide Your Daughters To Be Confident & Courageous

The Empowered Girl Mom Coaching Program brings you the tools to provide empowering environments for your daughters to grow in.

The Empowered Girl Mom Program is priced at $699 and you will have access to any future changes to the program.