The coaching industry is a 15.2 billion dollar industry and all signs indicate that it will continue to thrive for decades to come.


Because people are after results and as coaches, we make those results accessible for our clients.

It’s an incredible time to become a Certified Coach.

The GiRLiFE Academy trains you to become a Certified Girls Empowerment Coach

The GiRLiFE Academy is a certification program that trains women to become girls empowerment coaches so that they can serve the girls in their local communities and beyond, at scale. Through an extensive series of fun and engaging workshops designed to introduce girls to their many superpowers, women get the opportunity to truly amplify their message of empowerment and truly serve the girls they work with.

“It’s all about getting out there with your talents and creativity. I’ve been able to make a profit as my workshops keep growing. New opportunities have opened up. I’m not the same person as I have gained confidence by doing the workshops and starting my own business. Melody is always there for me and the other coaches. We are a true family!”

-Luz Hernandez



Unleash your passion for empowering young girls and become a certified coach with the GiRLiFE Coaching Program

Women welcome a myriad of new opportunities to their coaching businesses. While the academy trains women to successfully and impactfully run their girls empowerment groups, each woman is encouraged to personalize the workshops by bringing her unique stories, gifts and magic to light up the lessons they teach.

What gives The GiRLiFE Academy it’s unique edge is that our program delivers a business in a box approach. We have dedicated curriculum to our coach training but we also train each woman to run the business portion of her coaching practice.

We provide marketing tools, templates, PR and entrepreneurial trainings as well as a unique mindset section that is dedicated to dissolving any and all fears that arise when we take on a new unknown endeavor. Our goal has been to check all the boxes so that woman feel supported, sustained, and excited to thrive with their career in girls empowerment coaching.

“I decided to become a GiRLiFE coach because I’ve always had a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit, and this seemed like the perfect fit for me! I have three young daughters and the workshops are just so perfect for them. I loved that Melody had done all of the leg work for me, and all I had to do was actually start running workshops. This opportunity allows me to be creative and set my own schedule. I have absolutely loved every moment of becoming a GiRLiFE coach. It completely fills my cup!”

-Janelle Lockwood


Girlife Coaching Academy Founder, Melody Pourmoradi

Contact - Melody Pourmoradi

“There are currently 200 GiRLiFE coaches across the globe coaching girls, holding workshops, and helping to change the world, one girl at a time – all while earning an income for the valuable work that they do.”

As a young girl who struggled with debilitating anxiety, I knew very early on that my mission was to support others to feel empowered. My instinct to create the program first materialized when my daughters were just 7 years old. While on vacation in 2014, I had an Aha Moment. “I was watching my daughters playing on the beach. They were so carefree…enjoying themselves. I had a few of my clients on my mind and challenges in my own life, and I thought. “What happens from this age where we don’t feel the same peace and ability to just be?” I immediately began brainstorming, talking to everyone I met on my trip, jotting down notes in my journal, and three weeks later, I held my very first GiRLiFE workshop in my community. The workshops focus on concepts like Gratitude, Self-Love and Nutrition with the goal of teaching girls they are brilliant beyond measure and are powerful creators of their own lives. Each girl “receives” an imaginary tool belt to equip them with lifelong skills for resiliency and grace under fire. Fast forward many years – a digital blueprint for GiRLiFE; certifying women to run their own income generating workshops locally has made the empowerment series a reality for girls everywhere. There are currently 200 GiRLiFE coaches across the globe coaching girls, holding workshops, and helping to change the world, one girl at a time – all while earning an income for the valuable work that they do.

Join a community of experienced and qualified coaches, and learn the tools to empower young girls through the GiRLiFE Coaching Program

Woven through every part of the GiRLiFE Academy experience is a clear emphasis on community building, connection and collaboration.

Every coach gets a live welcome call with their peers, a 1-1 check in call with founder of the program, Melody Pourmoradi as well as a facebook community to co-create with and bounce ideas off of.

There are monthly office hours also held by Melody where coaches can drop in each month and have their questions answered. It has always been our goal to create an environment of collaboration and women supporting women. “A rising tide raises all ships” – The victory and success of one is truly the victory and success of all of us.

So are you ready to empower young girls as a Certified Girlife Coach and have the time of your life doing it?

Apply today!