The following podcast episodes provide insight into and how you can get involved with our important mission!

GiRLiFE Open House

In this episode of The Empowering Her Podcast, I share the vision behind The GiRLiFE Empowerment Movement. This chat will provide you with information on how to get involved in your local community to bring true empowerment to our girls.

The GiRLiFE Certification Program Like You’ve Never Seen Before

On this week’s episode of The Empowering Her Podcast, we’re going to have some real talk about what it looks like to become a GiRLiFE Facilitator.

I want to share on a deep level how you can step into a career that allows you to empower your younger self and then share that empowerment with your local girls. We will give you a sneak peek of what is on the inside of the curriculum and share what some of our facilitators have to say about the program.

Is GiRLiFE the right opportunity for you?

Is becoming a GiRLiFE Facilitator the right next move for you? Only you really know that. I’m going to give you some real talk about what stepping into this opportunity would look like for you. Notice if you can visualize yourself in this new role and allow this episode of our podcast help you to make the decision that is right for you.

Next Steps

Learn more about becoming a GiRLiFE Facilitator at

If I can support you in anyway or if you have additional questions about the program, the bonuses or the pricing, please get in touch with me at