How To Run Your First Profitable Girls Empowerment Workshop


Join me for a Free 3-Day "Fast Track" Masterclass where I will help you access and step into your own power so that you can start running your very own profitable girls empowerment workshops.

Empowered women empower girls and I am super psyched to show you how to turn your love for girls empowerment into a sustainable business!

...the ones who are ready to truly embody empowerment so that they can model it for our next generation of female leaders


  • You dream of being the courageous and unapologetic woman who owns her true power but aren’t quite feeling those vibes yet
  • You dream of empowering the girls in your life and community in a way that only you can, but you feel like an imposter and you’re not quite sure if you have the right information to share
  • You want to make a difference in the lives of young girls, but you feel that the gifts you have to offer are not quite right so you’re waiting for that “perfect moment” to step in

If so, I’ve got you. This masterclass was created for you!

This free masterclass is amped up with value. I'm 100% committed to making this training THE THING that catapults you into your role as a Girls Empowerment Leader!

  • Learn how to create a blueprint for your girls empowerment workshop
  • Learn what to teach in your first workshop {specifically our “Rising into Resilience” workshop}. 
  • Discover how to fill up your workshops & earn abundantly for your valuable work

"I took GiRLiFE’s Free Masterclass with Melody and have fallen in love with the curriculum. The content was inspiring and helped me step into my power as a woman, as a leader and as an entrepreneur. The community that Melody has created has been a joy and a blessing to be a part of."


Make this year the year where you play big by empowering your local girls, earning money for doing something you love AND becoming a part of a supportive community of women who are right there with you and have your back.

With our collective energy, we are going to step into our power! Our goal is simple: to empower ourselves {personally, spiritually & financially} so we can elevate our next generation of girls!


This program is proven to be impactful for all humans.
We welcome all genders, races, orientations, ages, religions, abilities, and cultures to join us on our mission of empowerment.